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Responsive Web Application

nimblesoft Custom Software

Crapsey & Gilles Contractors, Inc. needed an updated system to allow their employees to quickly and easily add time and project tracking information. They looked at many out-of-the-box solutions failed to deliver everything they desired – without a lot of things they did not. nimblesoft specializes in custom software solutions like this. While developing the new system several things changed, including …

Web application for ATB

nimblesoft Custom Software

Across the Board – Health and Wellness (ATB) customer portal. We designed and developed this portal to help the company reach its customer base and give its customers’ the ability to better track their progress in bettering their health and wellness.

Web application for ISLS

nimblesoft Custom Software

Innovative Student Loan Solutions (ISLS) is a startup that provides loan forgiveness for hospitals, schools, and other non-profits. In addition to building its internal customer relation management system, we also developed their customer portal to provide their customers with the tools to manage their loan deferment process. We are currently working on redesigning their marketing site and integrating all aspects …

Patient Tracking

nimblesoft Custom Software

FWL – Patient Track is practice medical (PM) software that keeps the office running smoothly.  It handles patient scheduling, billing, medication history, patient/demographic information, and other essential business processes.  The system helps maintain regulatory compliance with HIPAA and Kasper (Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting).  Data rich reports allow you to measure the efficiency of you business by evaluating wait times, …

Scheduling Software

nimblesoft Business Intelligence, Custom Software

Scheduler is scheduling software built with flexibility and customization in mind.  Book, manage, and track appointments. Complete with automation to an external phone system to remind clients of upcoming appointments.