System documentation for Norwood Hardware

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Norwood Hardware needed a database moved to a new SQL Server while updating all relevant reports, SSIS packages, and Access Systems to connect to the new server. After the server setup was complete nimbleSoft reviewed and optimized the SQL server to ensure stable and reliable performance. As a follow-up to this project nimblesoft was asked to document all the useful …

Custom Branded SharePoint for Eagle

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Microsoft has advised designers and developers to avoid branding SharePoint sites beyond the built-in themes and logo changes. There a couple reasons for this and they make sense. The first and most important is that as software moved to the cloud the ability to push updates became easier and more critical for security reasons – but that means the occurrence …

Solution for Cross System User Maintenance

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As the number of applications increases at any company the amount of maintenance and administration of those applications increases. A common problem is keeping the users and profiles up-to-date and in sync across applications. That’s a custom portal comes in. We used this so many time we built into our own framework as a standard feature.