System documentation for Norwood Hardware

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Norwood Hardware needed a database moved to a new SQL Server while updating all relevant reports, SSIS packages, and Access Systems to connect to the new server. After the server setup was complete nimbleSoft reviewed and optimized the SQL server to ensure stable and reliable performance. As a follow-up to this project nimblesoft was asked to document all the useful …

Data Transfer – Integration Services

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Data manipulation and transfer can be a huge time saver and reduce hours of labor for your staff.  Importing various types of files and pushing it to a database or manipulating it to a different output type is one of our core competencies.  For a large restaurant firm, we import their time clock files from each store.  Calculations are preformed …

Scheduling Software

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Scheduler is scheduling software built with flexibility and customization in mind.  Book, manage, and track appointments. Complete with automation to an external phone system to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

Data warehouse for SLS

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Data warehouses are designed to help you analyze data and show trends over time. This DW was designed to show a summary of all clients and their repayment plans selected. It is sliced by their demographic data and income/debt levels allowing the business to focus on top selling plans. Data analytics gives you power and knowledge to make decisions that …


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A CRM is an incredibly valuable asset that usually sits at the core of many procedures throughout an organization.  The  CRM pictured allows easy tracking of where a customer is in the loan forgiveness program process. This makes lead generation and follow-up tracking a breeze.  The key to this software is that it allows the user to be proactive and …