Jeremy Louden CEO

Jeremy Louden CEO nimblesoftJeremy Louden was born and grew up on the “Indiana side” of the Cincinnati area. He went to high school at South Dearborn High School where his father, also teaches. He attended Indiana University where he received his degree in Computer Information Systems/Business. After graduation, he worked for Computer Sciences Corporation out of Cincinnati for 2 years until moving to Indianapolis. He has remained in consulting ever since working for a few different consulting companies in the Indianapolis area. In 2006, he completed his MBA through the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a specialization in Ventures and Technology.

Jeremy Louden’s primary accomplishment in the world of work has come as the founder of nimblesoft. He founded the company in 2008 with a focus on custom application development. The company has expanded its offering to include additional services such as business intelligence and strategic planning. Its successes include developing solutions across industries including financial, retail, legal document/file management, home building, and healthcare.

The software development industry is highly competitive, any of our employees could easily find another job. So paying competitive wages and creating an environment that is unique and people want to be a part of, is part of our mission. Jeremy Louden

Q&A with Jeremy

What’s the most important business lesson you’ve learned thus far?

I have 2 “most important lessons”

• Be yourself and be amazing. No one ever became amazing by trying to copy someone else.

• Always be listening – to your clients, employees, audio-books, and family. In just the past few months I have made more of an effort to truly listen and I have seen the enormous benefits.

What makes you different and unique than others in your industry?

My clients would respond that we come in and deliver the solution that they need but that they could not envision. Most of our projects start with an idea and few emails. We take these vague ideas and deliver user-friendly systems with ROI for the business. Most of our competitors are too reliant on the customer providing defined requirements and designs to them.

How do you give back to the community?

The best thing that a company can do for their community is to provide well-paying, stable jobs for the people that live in that community. In the Cincinnati and Indianapolis areas, we have been able to do that and continue to hire. We have also provided paid internships for the past 3 years to college juniors. Additionally, we continue to deliver projects at large discounts to non-profits in the area. This allows the solutions that they need to be affordable and deliver ROI that is important to these organizations as they operate on ever tightening budgets. More recently, we have become involved in the Covington Business Council and look forward to the opportunities that the organization is going to provide us to make a bigger difference locally.

A message from Jeremy

I believe in empowerment. Employees are often involved with decisions they are passionate about. Ultimately they’re doing the work and creating the value. Management is here to set strategy and vision, but ultimately you’ve got to empower the people to do great things. We couple this autonomous environment with recognition of great talent. The software development industry is highly competitive, any of our employees could easily find another job. So paying competitive wages and creating an environment that is unique and people want to be a part of, is part of our mission. We demonstrate our appreciation with monthly massages, Beer Friday’s, Chili Cook-offs, and a wide variety of contest/competitions.

This is a place where innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion collide. With highly-motivated, creative self-starters, our team is inspired by creating their own destiny, as opposed to following in the footsteps of others. Fostering a culture of respect and collaboration leads directly to our success.

Jeremy Louden’s work history

Software Solutions Architect
nimblesoft/Nexigen Alliance

August 2014 – Present
With the strategic alliance between nimbleSoft and Nexigen, I am able to bring world class software and data analytics solutions to their ever growing customer base. By combining a technology company like Nexigen with the software solutions that we provide at nimbleSoft, the client is able to get a true end-to-end IT solution.

Circle K

January 2008 – Present
Have been engaged at Circle K since starting nimbleSoft. During this time period, we have delivered ROI through 20+ custom applications, business intelligence using SSAS, and database expertise in ETL and administration.

Comprehensive Medical Management

January 2008 – Present
At CMM, we helped design, develop, and continually enhance their cutting-edge, proprietary billing system including a detailed process that tracks a patient throughout the billing cycle, from the time a doc dictates the visit through the patient completing the cycle.

Innovative Student Loan Solutions

January 2012 – Present
Innovative Student Loan Solutions helps employees of non-profit organizations maximize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program with customized strategies. It has been a pleasure working with Jeff and his team as we build cutting-edge CRM systems including client scheduling, fulfillment, and contact work flow.

Student Lending Works

January 2010 – Present
Consulting engagement at SLW.

Business Unit Director
Information Systems Experts

October 2003 – January 2008

Phoenix Formations, Inc.

2006 – 2008

C.P. Morgan

October 2003 – December 2007

Indiana University Foundation

2001 – 2003