Custom Software Vs. Out Of The Box

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When choosing the perfect software for your business, there are many different points to consider. Deciding whether to choose custom development or an out-of-the-box solution is a great start, but how do you decide which to choose? Sometimes an out-of-the-box solution will be a good fit for your company. However, don’t let the cheaper prices pull you in just yet. Usually, when nimblesoft …

What’s your problem Newport?

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Don’t wait until you’ve figured out what the solution to your problem is. Bring us your problem first! It’s very common for us to hear “I need XYZ, how much will that cost?”. Now we’re happy to listen and go over all the requirements they’ve come up with and provide an estimate based on those requirements. But that’s not always …


5 ways to increase business success

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There are always new strategies that can increase your businesses success rate. Whether that business be a start up or a successful long term company, there will always be ways to improve and change. One of the most dangerous phrase as a boss, director, or CEO is “We’ve always done it this way”. Yes, some things are better left untouched. …

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Choosing the Right Custom Software Partner

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In a business, there are so many different important decisions to be made. How do you know if you made the right ones? Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes, not so much. Whether the decision is to engage in a partnership with another company, which health insurance company to use, or choosing a development partner, in the end, you should feel …

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NKY/Cincinnati Custom Software Professionals – Past, Present and Future

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The reason for developing custom software solutions is to improve overall business productivity. But software solutions can be difficult; and custom software solutions are especially complex. Our NKY/Cincinnati custom software professionals have a thorough understanding of software development and work closely with you to design and build the best solution within your budget. The History of Software Technology, especially software, has …

Bastion Realtors

Loveland Ohio Real Estate Company Chooses Nimblesoft

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Loveland Ohio real estate company chooses Nimblesoft. Ron Adams of Loveland Ohio based Bastion REALTORS® signed with Nimblesoft to design and build a new website to manage the growth of his training and resource offerings. Ron was looking for more than just a website design company, he was looking for a long-term partnership. A “one-stop-shop” to begin consolidating all the …

Turing Test

Customers having trouble passing human verification?

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I recently received a support request with this exact wording: “A couple customers also complained about not being able to pass the human verification too.” So go ahead and laugh, I did. But one of the reasons I laughed so hard was that I just had the exact same problem myself. I was setting up Google reCAPTCHA on a website …

A Circle K competitive advantage

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8 years ago Circle K chose nimblesoft to provide custom software development and customization. Now with 4700 stores in the United States alone these systems have served them very well. Solutions span labor management to retail tracking and business analytics. Although we are proud of the significant competitive advantage our software has given Circle K, it is for that reason …