Business Intelligence

To stay ahead of your competition and thrive in a competitive market you must make sound business decisions based on business intelligence through data analysis and accurate information; not on intuition. Companies are challenged to collectively evaluate their enterprise-wide business systems in order to rapidly plan and adapt to changing business models, resolve operational inefficiencies, and provide compliance reporting. Defining facts, trends, and relationships can help them create effective strategies to seize a competitive advantage.

Service highlights

Our expertise in business intelligence comes from an ability to provide a full portfolio of skills needed to develop a complete intelligence solution.

  • Data analysis
  • Database design
  • Full business reporting
  • Database administration
  • Data delivery and collection Applications
  • Extract, transfer, and load (ETL) processes
  • Data warehousing including OLAP cubes

We create information portal applications that enable enterprises the ability to provide a simple desktop view of a wide variety of raw data while controlling access to databases, document repositories and data warehouses. We have the technical expertise in business intelligence to transform large volumes of data into valuable information.

Business Intelligence has to be part of every application design. Without building intelligence, the application will not meet its full ability. Using companies or teams without a firm grasp of business intelligence keeps systems from being able to meet their full ROI.