What’s your problem Newport?

nimblesoft Solutions

Don’t wait until you’ve figured out what the solution to your problem is. Bring us your problem first!

It’s very common for us to hear “I need XYZ, how much will that cost?”. Now we’re happy to listen and go over all the requirements they’ve come up with and provide an estimate based on those requirements. But that’s not always the best solution.

So bring us your problems and let’s work out the solution together. When you do that you get to not only save your internal team time on gathering up a list of requirements that might not be the best solution, you also get to leverage our expertise.

We’ve built A LOT OF CUSTOM SOFTWARE, and with that experience comes a lot of lessons learned and potential solutions to your problems you may have never considered.

Unless your staff has one of the best software architects in the midwest, a BI expert, multiple DBA’s, a UX Analyst and half a dozen senior-level programmers…there is a very good chance we can help you come up with a better solution than you might come up with alone.

So “What’s your problem Newport…Cincinnati…Indianapolis?” We want to hear all about it.

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