Work From Wherever You Please

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Professional preference and modern technology have created a new era of employees who want to (and do) work from home. Working from home is increasingly becoming the dream of many new hire employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, 24% of workers do some or all of their work at home. At home, meaning, anywhere with WiFi, not in a corporate office. Today people are working “from home” more than ever.

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Today, people from nearly every industry are “working from home”. Improved technology, including email, video conferencing,  screen sharing conferencing, and faster/more reliable internet have made this move possible.

Working from home, really means working from anywhere that you can complete your work efficiently. With the increase of technology and the dependency of WiFi, employees can work nearly anywhere. A coffee shop, a restaurant, a co-working space, a friend’s house, even while on vacation. Websites and mobile apps, such as are making it easier than ever for people to find the perfect place to work remotely.


Workfrom ( allows you to find the perfect place for you to complete your work, designed around your preferences. For remote workers Workfrom makes it easy to find spaces to get work done and stay connected with others working in the same way. Workfrom’s listings show you what you need to know before you visit a location. Some important features are WiFi speeds, access to power outlets, and the type of seating that is available. Some of the locations displayed are coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and cowering spaces. Not only does Workfrom help find a place to work, it also helps to create an online community where you’ll connect with thousands of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

In Northern Kentucky you can find a remote working place almost anywhere. Some of the obvious choices being Panera Bread, in the Newport Pavilion, or your local Starbucks. Workfrom will help you find some of those, not so obvious remote work spots. NKY and Downtown Cincinnati have a wide variety of remote work places- some that offer food, beverages, dog-friendly, fast WiFi, natural light, etc. A local coffee shop, Carabello Coffee, located at 107 E. 9th St. in Newport offers work friendly hours, and speedy WiFi. However, they have limited seating and outlets. Workfrom, will not only tell you the pros, but also the cons so you can find your perfect remote work place.

A few other options are: 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab, Coffee Emporium, Iris Bookcafe, and Rohs Street Cafe.


The Northern Kentucky area is transitioning into a smart city thanks to smartLINK. SmartLINK is transforming our entire city into a remote work location through the smart city initiative. We already have MyLo, the first smart city nodes in the Midwest that are placed throughout The City of Newport. MyLo has USB charging, touch screen tablet, wayfinding, geo-fencing, music, verbal commands, and most important for remote workers, high speed internet. With the immediate access of WiFi wherever you are, we can really work where ever we please.