Adjusting To Life In The Cloud

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Things are changing – fast – but some of it is for your own good. Adjusting to life in the cloud includes learning to adapt to unexpected changes. For example you open up SharePoint Documents and the entire interface (look and feel) has changed.

In the past the major vendors used to offer version updates to users and even encourage those updates – but did not “force” them. Those days are disappearing – there is too much at risk both for the software vendor and for you. Frequent security updates are becoming normal and they are not asking your permission anymore – that didn’t work.

Things will break. That is often the result of a security hole being plugged. Don’t spend your time and effort trying to bypass it or get around. One way to adapt to this pace is to recognize that this is an opportunity to “blame” Microsoft and make some probably long overdue updates to your systems. Take advantage of it if you can.

Frequent user interface and functionality enhancements are required to keep up with the competition. You used to have to wait 2 –3 years for a new software version to come out. Now you wake and SURPRISE your File Management solution just got upgraded! The vendors know that if they don’t keep your systems looking new then you are just one click away from changing vendors.

There are often options for returning to the old way, but RESIST THE TEMPTATION. Take a few minutes to explore the new features or new look and give it a chance before you resort back to the “classic” look. Assume that the vendor did not make this change just to make your life miserable. They did their homework and made a conscious decision that this was in the best interest of the majority of the users (and OK, their bottom line – but if they’re not profitable – your software will lose support).

If you want to try to get ahead of what’s coming you can take a look at Microsoft’s Roadmap here

And if the pace becomes to much…contact us.