Nexigen+Nimblesoft Collaboration

nimblesoft Team

In July 2014, Nexigen, announced an equity investment in Nimblesoft, a software development, and data analytics company, with intentions to integrate our work.

Nimblesoft was humbly founded in 2008 by two businessmen. One being Jeremy Louden, the current owner, and CEO. Though starting as an IT consulting company, they focused on providing affordable custom applications to every business in every industry. This is a place where innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion collide.

Why Nimblesoft?

“My clients would respond that we come in and deliver the solution that they need but that they could not envision.” Says Jeremy. “Most of our projects start with an idea and few emails. We take these vague ideas and deliver user-friendly systems with ROI for the business. Most of our competitors are too reliant on the customer providing defined requirements and designs to them.”

Many of nexigens clients can benefit from the services that Nimblesoft has to offer. From custom software solutions, cloud services, web design/development or consulting.

Nexigen and Nimblesoft have been working together for over 2 years and the bond is only growing. Since collaborating in 2014, the amount of Nimblesoft employees has more than doubled, the client base has increased and the workload has tripled.

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Learn more about Nimblesoft and how they can help your company.
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