Cloud Living 101-The Office 365 Roadmap

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Office 365 is the name Microsoft uses for a group of software and services subscriptions. These together provide productivity software and related services to subscribers.


The office 365 Roadmap is a list of updates that are currently in the planning stage for applicable subscribers. Five divided categories are in the Roadmap. These categories are Launched, Rolling out, In Development, Canceled, and Previously Released.

Launched updates are fully released updates that are now generally available for applicable customers. The Rolling out stage consists of updates that are beginning to roll-out and are not yet available to all applicable customers. There are currently 142 updates that are in development and testing. The canceled updates are previously planned updates that are no longer being developed or are indefinitely delayed. Previously released are updates that are generally available for every applicable customer


I am going to focus on the rolling out timeline and find out what we can expect next.

Rolling Out

Currently, we see 55 updates that are in the “rolling out” stage for Office 365. A few of these updates include¬†New home page experience for Office 365 users, Project-Online- Mobiles apps for team members, and SharePoint- modern team sites plus office 365 Groups integration.

The new homepage experience update brings a fresh new look and feel to the Office 365 welcome page. It enables more consistent and unified experiences for work, education as well as, home users across every device. This new platform also helps Office 365 respond to user feedback. Finally, it delivers innovative new features at a faster pace than ever before.

Projects Online- mobile apps for team members will allow project participants to perform task level operations. Including, status updates as well as fill in timesheets. These apps will be available on IOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Between Project Online, Office 365 planner and Wunderlist you now have tailored, cloud-based solutions to help you manage everything from simple tasks to the most advanced projects, programs, and portfolios.

SharePoint- Modern team sites plus Office 365 Groups integration is the quickest way to find and showcase the most relevant and important content. Team members will be able to pin the content right up front. Thus allowing  members to see site/people activities showcasing the intelligence from Microsoft Graph. Modern team sites integrate with Office 365 Groups where every group gets the full power of a SharePoint Online team site. Modern team sites look great when accessed through the SharePoint mobile app.

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