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NKY/Cincinnati Custom Software Professionals – Past, Present and Future

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The reason for developing custom software solutions is to improve overall business productivity. But software solutions can be difficult; and custom software solutions are especially complex. Our NKY/Cincinnati custom software professionals have a thorough understanding of software development and work closely with you to design and build the best solution within your budget.

The History of Software

Technology, especially software, has become such a huge focus in our business and personal lives. Can you remember the world without computers and technology? For some, maybe. But for me, not at all. Technology has been around for decades and definitely, doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Take a look at this timeline of the software history from Capterra. It may date back further than you expect.


Software and programs have been under development for many years and will continue to be for many years to come. In the meantime, we work and grow with the ever-changing industry of creating custom software solutions so you don’t have to.

Let’s talk modern software solutions.


Many businesses and organizations will try to modify a “commercial off-the-shelf” (COTS) software and integrate it into their existing system. COTS software or hardware products are ready-made and available for sale to the general public. Sometimes they are just not good enough for your business.

A commercial software solution will probably have a lower upfront cost. However, COTS can be slow to adapt to industry change or needs, and they may require you to change your process to fit the software. COTS do not guarantee customization. However, if accepted, there can be high customization fees.

One of the most well-known and successful COTS software solutions is Microsoft.

Custom Software Solutions Today

Custom software solutions are specially developed for a specific business or organization.

Yes, there is typically a higher initial cost compared to COTS software. However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Custom software solutions start with the minimum necessary requirements, and developers add features later as they are needed. Adjustments and changes do not need to meet the approval of the majority of users like COTS software – they just need to meet the approval of you!

In short, custom software solutions are tailored to your exact business wants/needs and processes.

Frequently Asked Custom Software Questions

  1. What is our policy on copyright?
    Once the project is complete and paid for the customer owns the copyright.
  2. What languages do we use for programming? 
    We use many different languages. For example C# .NET, JavaScript, and more.
  3. Do we have people who can help with system deployment and firewall configuration?
    Yes, depending on your needs, our sister company Nexigen has a cyber security team along with a fully staffed service desk that manages deployments, firewall configurations and any other security updates required.
  4. What type of security will be in place?
    That depends on several factors like where the software will be hosted, what devices will be used to access it and how sensitive the information is. We’ll work with you to get the answers to these questions and then explain our recommendations on security to make sure you understand before we get started.
  5. Will your system use or depend on 3rd-party libraries or code?
    Yes. With the rapid pace of change in devices (phones, laptops, tablets) it is a best practice to leverage 3rd-party platforms to ensure the user interface works across all the browsers and devices. There may be other 3rd-party platforms used for your custom solution, but we follow industry best practices and leverage our long history in software development and support to choose only the best.

The Future of the Software Industry

Currently, we have 18.2 million software engineers worldwide, with 3.6 million of those located in the US. By the year 2019, the worldwide number is expected to grow to 26.4 million. We will continue to turn to our mobile devices for business and software needs. Thus, the use of apps will only increase. The business software market is now upwards of a 300 billion dollar industry that continues to grow.

Nimblesoft NKY/Cincinnati custom software professionals, using our knowledge of the past and present to help you succeed in the future.

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