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Instagram: Browsing. Discovering. Shopping?

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Technology is making it easier for the consumer to spend every second of their day shopping. Today more than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app. We have messaging apps for retail, drone delivery, subscription boxes, digital wallets, shopping apps, the list goes on and on. Next is Instagram Shopping.

It is no surprise that Instagram is keeping up with the viable e-commerce trend, though I would’ve expected this to come to life sooner. The Facebook-owned company will launch “Instagram Shopping” as their latest feature, as soon as this week. Only 48.8% of all brands are on Instagram. However, 96% of US fashion brands are present on Instagram, the number one social media app in the world right now. It’s safe to say if you are in the fashion industry, it is crucial to have a presence on Instagram.

Instagram shopping will be a four step process, but will not change in structure. Brands will still post a picture as they normally would. Though now, the photos will have a “tap to view” icon in the bottom left. When a consumer taps the icon a tag will appear on various products in the post. This will display up to 5 items and the correlating prices. From here you can select an individual tag and a detailed screen will appear regarding that item. Here the consumer will learn more products features and be presented with a “shop now” button.

Kate Spade will be one of the guinea pigs in the Instagram shopping experiment. Watch this tutorial of Kate Spade and the Instagram shopping experience.

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

Instagram is a place for discovery. Discovery for music, art, friendship, inspiration and now merchandise. Though Instagram is only in the testing stage of “Instagram shopping” , this will be a way for the consumer to learn more about the products. Rather than prompting buyers directly to the checkout screen, consumers will be given more time to consider the product and learn further information.