5 ways to increase business success

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There are always new strategies that can increase your businesses success rate. Whether that business be a start up or a successful long term company, there will always be ways to improve and change. One of the most dangerous phrase as a boss, director, or CEO is “We’ve always done it this way”. Yes, some things are better left untouched. …


Announcing new business software resource

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Nimblesoft is now providing a resource for the latest business software news. The Nimblesoft business software report provides frequently updated news and announcements on all things related to business software and technology (with some random interesting articles mixed in). Take a look! And check back regularly for updates. Save yourself some time by trusting Nimblesoft to bring you the latest …


From responsive web design to mobile-first to…

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“Good grief…please don’t say there’s another reason to redesign my website.” said many a business owner. I make no promises, but first let’s make sure everyone is up-to-date on the last few reasons for website redesigns: Responsive: “Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of …


Client Spotlight: Brilliant Advice

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Who is Brilliant Advice? At Nimblesoft we refer to our clients as partners. We’d like to introduce you to one of our partners. Brilliant Advice is a wealth management company. They will manage your investment portfolio and keep you on track. Learn more about Brilliant Advice and how they can help you. Their Information: Brilliant Advice Towers of Kenwood 8044 …


A Millennials Thoughts on Facebook’s 10 Year Roadmap

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On April 18th 2017, Mark Zuckerberg held a Facebook Developer Conference. Zuckerberg and the Facebook leaders spoke about the future of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Originally, Facebook focused on connecting friends and family. Their next focus is building community and common ground. Mark begins by discussing Facebook’s 10 Year Roadmap. Here is Facebook’s plan for the next 10 years: …


New Website Design for INA Towing!

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INA Towing Network, LLC desired a new look and feel for their website to go along with some recent changes. They chose nimblesoft based on a strong relationship formed while we developed a customer portal for them. Take a look:


Work From Wherever You Please

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Professional preference and modern technology have created a new era of employees who want to (and do) work from home. Working from home is increasingly becoming the dream of many new hire employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, 24% of workers do some or all of their work at home. At home, meaning, anywhere with WiFi, …


Adjusting To Life In The Cloud

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Things are changing – fast – but some of it is for your own good. Adjusting to life in the cloud includes learning to adapt to unexpected changes. For example you open up SharePoint Documents and the entire interface (look and feel) has changed. In the past the major vendors used to offer version updates to users and even encourage …

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Choosing the Right Custom Software Partner

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In a business, there are so many different important decisions to be made. How do you know if you made the right ones? Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes, not so much. Whether the decision is to engage in a partnership with another company, which health insurance company to use, or choosing a development partner, in the end, you should feel …